“The Differentiated Workforce does a marvelous job helping leaders and HR professionals focus on building capabilities more than discrete HR practices. This is the direction for helping deliver strategy and for shaping the HR profession. The book is thoughtful, well written, timely, and insightful.”

— Dave Ulrich, Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Partner, the RBL Group

“In IBM we are successfully using the principles described in The Differentiated Workforce to drive strategic value creation. Becker, Huselid, & Beatty offer a fresh approach to human capital strategy interconnected with the overall business strategy. I strongly endorse this work, as it illustrates the benefits of differentiating “A” players to ensure you win the war with talent.”

— J. Randall MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, IBM

“The Differentiated Workforce provides tools for discovering a clear understanding of the skills an organization needs to meet its mission and goals. With this critical insight, you will learn how to design a workforce strategy and corresponding management practices that will allow you to deliver better results.”

— Nancy Brown, CEO, American Heart Association

“The Differentiated Workforce provides organisations with a way to unleash the talents of the people that work for them. People and organisations that succeed will be those that enable its people to use as much of their talent as possible, and this book outlines how organisations can achieve this goal.”

— Roy White, Vice President Human Resources, Sony Europe

“The Differentiated Workforce provides a developmental roadmap that any organization can use to create a workforce strategy that is directly linked to strategic success. Read it and discover this powerful tool for creating value in your organization!”

— Marshall Goldsmith is the NYT and WSJ #1 best-selling author of What Got You There Won’t Get You There.

“This terrific new book challenges many of the prevailing assumptions in organizations and provides a roadmap for HR and operating leaders to work together in a new way to drive strategic success. It merits a place at the top of your reading list.”

— Lucien Alziari, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, Avon Products

“HR is important. But, if you are going to build great organizations, you need to do it with great leaders. Great leaders attract great talent. They grow great talent and retain great talent. Clearly we hold leadership accountable for financial material, information and time as resources. But, we must also hold them accountable for the workforces they manage.”

— Jürgen Brokatzky-Geiger, Head of Human Resources, Novartis

“The Differentiated Workforce: Transforming Talent into Strategic Impact…captures the essence of how strategic talent leadership can be the differentiator…Truly a book for our time. A masterpiece in the world of human capital leadership.”

— Lawrence B. Costello, Managing Director, The Lawrence Bradford Group, LLC, and Formerly Senior Vice President Human Resources, American Standard Companies

“The Differentiated Workforce…provides a roadmap to differentiating your business through strategic human capital investment. At GE, the practice of putting the best people on the most important work, started with identifying what the most important work was. This book makes the point eloquently, while providing practical insights on how to do this in your own organization.”

— Kate DCamp, Senior Executive Advisor, Cisco Systems, formerly Senior Vice President Human Resources at Cisco

“Strategy requires hard choices. Effective workforce strategy demands differentiation. Brian, Mark, and Dick make the connection.”

— Kenneth J. Disken, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Lockheed Martin Corporation

“The “Differentiated Workforce” provides a compelling and practical approach to creating real business value through a new look at workforce planning.”

— Mirian Graddick-Weir, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Merck & Co., Inc.

“This is a rare book that is a must read for line managers, HR professionals, educators, and academics. In fact, it is even relevant to employees as they would definitely have more fulfilling and satisfying careers working for companies that have well-defined workforce strategies…”

— Boris Groysberg, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

“This book is likely to be the GPS (Global Positioning System) of HR strategy — irrespective of where you are today in your HR strategy, you can find an appropriate route to your intended outcome, if one followed the framework of action suggested in this book. If this book cannot offer a platform for line and HR managers to effectively play their part in aligning their firm capabilities to their strategy, then perhaps no book will be able to do so again.”

— Dr. Santrupt B Misra, Director, Group H.R. & I.T., Aditya Birla Management Corporation Ltd.

“This book is all about talent…strategic talent. It addresses the need to assess, invest, reinvest or divest of the talent that really makes a difference — the talent in a company that has a profound impact upon the creation of customer and economic value. The roles of HR and hire managers — too often blurred — are brought into sharp focus. This is a must read.”

— Craig Eric Schneier, Ph.D. Executive Vice President Human Resources, Public Affairs and Communications Biogen Idec

“Paraphrasing Jim Collins, every manager’s #1 problem is talent, but hiring A players is not the solution; hiring the right A players is. Huselid et al. are the best researchers and writers I know of who truly get it — that HR can no longer be non-accountable administrators, measuring cost-to-hire and time-to-fill. Those measures get you a lot of C players hired fast and cheap!”

— Brad Smart, President, Smart & Associates, Inc., and Author of Tograding: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring, Coaching and Keeping the Best People

“The Differentiated Workforce drives home the importance of investing in talent but most importantly the competitive advantage that can be gained from disproportionately investing in key players in key positions. An excellent read for senior HR leaders.”

— Charles G. Tharp, Ph.D., President, National Academy of Human Resources

“Business Strategy is interesting, execution, business performance and value creation is everything. The Differentiated Workforce principles provide a roadmap and a compelling case to rethink how you manage and develop top talent, define “the top value-creating roles” in your business and how you will disproportionately invest in those roles to drive execution and success! A must read for anyone accountable for growing a business and leading a workforce.”

— Garrett Walker, Vice President Human Resources, IBM Software Group Sales

“The Differentiated Workforce makes an outstanding contribution by demonstrating the power of strategic workforce management linked to organizational strategy. The value of the book goes far beyond theory and models by providing tools, process steps and practical examples of how to achieve competitive advantage through targeted and disproportionate investments in talent. I highly recommend this book for line leaders and human resource professionals.”

— Marcia J. Avedon, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Communications, Ingersoll Rand